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John Irons was born  in the North Cornwall Town of Wadebridge in the year 1963.

In 1994 he married and moved approximately 6 miles to a very small hamlet on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

He has two daughters. By day he works as for the local Council as a Structures Asset Manager and by night he dreams of a better life.

He had no desire to put pen to paper until Christmas 2009 when a number of personal circumstances  forced a rethink of where his life was going.  The storyline was developed during that Christmas period and the book was started in the January  of the new year and finished in July.

The cover artwork  and other illustrations (mainly on this website) were also created by John using 3D  graphical applications, another  of his interests.

‘The Book of Absolute Grace’ is the first of possibly three Pre-Teen novels featuring the Mabena Girls, characters he had created for the story. The book was published on and is available for download today. A second novel was started in 2014 and continues to be worked on.

Despite heroic efforts his marriage disintegrated in 2015 and he has now returned to Wadebridge to recover and reset his life.

Ten questions to the Author:

1. Favourite Music/Musician - “If it had to be one choice only it would have to be Pat Metheny. No matter what’s currently on my iPad, or flavour of the month, i always find myself going back to Pat and his music. He’s been a big influence on me.”

2. Favourite Book - “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin.  I used to read it once a year, religiously. The story is just amazing.”

3. Favourite Film - “That’s easy, Blade Runner the Sci-Fi movie directed by (Sir)Ridley Scott.  The film has a unique atmosphere and there is so much detail in each scene.

4. Favourite TV show - “There has to be two for this. Both American programmes form the nineties; the wonderfully quirky ‘Northern Exposure’ and the incredibly poignant ‘My so called Life’.

5. What’s good about where you  live? - “Its just a great Town.”

6. Three people i would invite to dinner (dead or alive) - “Albert Einstien - for the intellectual crack. Paddington Bear - for the observations on life.  Madeline McCann - just to see how she smiles.”

7. I’d like to be stranded on a desert island with Nikki Wong from ‘6Teen’. She’s a cartoon character, which admittedly is pretty sad but, there would never be a dull moment that for sure!”

8. I’m very good at - “Worrying about things.”

9. I’m very bad at - “Listening.”

10. In another life i would like to be - “Living in Canada!”

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