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The story is based around the lives of three girls; aged around eleven; who live in the Cornish village of St.Mabyn.

It follows them  on an  extraordinary journey of discovery when their lives are turned upside down  by the arrival of three strangers to the village. Three other girls who don’t exactly come from around here.

 They come from the same village but, there is a catch. Their St.Mabyn is in an entirely different universe, separated from  ours by exactly thirteen seconds.

Heather, Willow & Kimmi are on a quest to find a special religious book ”The Book  of Absolute Grace” which was hidden many years ago in our universe.

Follow them as Sam, Rose & Mandy try to help..... and try to keep the strangers a secret from the rest of the village. Read on as the quest to find the book draws the girls together in friendship and trust. See how they uncover amazing truths about the village they love and seek out the help of some of it’s residents. A retired Army Major with a love of Gin & Tonic, The village shopkeeper and postmistress and a grumpy, scary old man who just happens to have a key to a secret underground railway station!

Will they find the book?...... and what if someone else is looking for it too, someone who would be prepared to kill for it? Are they ready for the shock of just how special “The Book of Absolute Grace” really is?  - Well get and read the story and find out!

The Books Book 1: The Mabena Girls and The Book of Absolute Grace
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