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The Characters

Father - Jason. Semi-retired Software designer.

Mother - Susan. Solicitor.     Lives at “Court Place” near the centre of the village.

Rose is the class ‘geek girl’ at school. With ginger hair, freckled skin and glasses, she couldn’t be anything else! She is a little shy and nervous around people she doesn’t know.

Rose’s hobby is astronomy and she has her own viewing platform on the roof of her house, above her bedroom. Her surname comes from the joining of her parents names when they married. Her mum (Opie) is a local girl from the village but her dad (Hastings) comes from East Sussex. Her father is quite wealthy and strict. He expects Rose to do well at School.

Rose pairs up with Willow, who she sees as a kindred spirit.

Father: Frank, Ex Jazz musician. Separated from mother and living away.

Mother: Patricia, St.Mabyn’s Vicar.   Lives at ‘The Rectory’.

Mandy’s life is dominated by her Mother and the Church. Without a Dad around her mum relies on her to do a fair share of the house-hold chores and even help out on Sunday mornings at Church. Otherwise she is a perfectly normal girl. Her friendship with Sam and Rose means everything to her as its sometimes her only contact with the ‘real’ world.

Although her father is no longer around, Mandy quite often goes into his old study room and listens to his old Jazz music collection. It sort of reminds her of him. She misses her Dad.

When the girls from universe 13+1 arrive, she helps Kimmi recover from an injury. This leads to an unusual but, strong bond between them.

Willow is the ‘brainy’ one of the girls from universe 13+1. She is confident and quiet.

She likes science ,technology and knows a lot about how the Ether Trains work. This is largely because  her Grandfather was an Ether Train driver and member of the secretive group who operate the trains, the Broterhood of the Nine. Although she idolises her Grandfather and even wears his old drivers coat and hat, she will never be able to join the Brotherhood as women are not allowed.

She made the multiple eye lens communication system she wears around her head. This allows her to pick up Radio, TV and other signals from anywhere in her world or ours.

She is naturally paired with Rose from our universe, who she sees as a fellow ‘nerd’ and admires her stargazing.

Willow lives with her parents in a small house in the centre of St.Mabyn and sometimes shares her bedroom with Kimmi. When she’s not inventing gadgets or listening to the Radio, she likes to play Chess with her father.

Kimmi is a bit of a rebel at heart which sort of explains her Punk-Girl image. She has had a hard start in life as she was abandoned by her parents at the age of six. She can hardly remember what they look like and doesn’t know her real name. She named herself Jazziski. She has been brought up by Willow’s parents but, does not see herself as one of the family.

Kimmi does not like School and frequently skips lessons. Her only love is music, which she is very good at. Guitar is her favourite instrument, although she an get a tune out of most things.

Although she does stay with Willow sometimes, she quite often sleeps rough in the village or hangs out with the shady character Gedi-Von-Prime.

Apart from her ‘mohican’ hair style she does have a real ‘goatee’ beard and wears a jacket with long rubber spikes sticking out of it, which she calls her Porcupine coat.

She forms a friendship with Mandy, who in many ways has the exact opposite personality of her.

Father: Roger, Farmer

Mother: Sarah, died from cancer.    Lives ‘Elm Tree Farm’ at the eastern end of the village.

Sam has had a hard couple of years since her mother died. Her father is struggling to keep the Farm going and relies on Sam a lot for help. She doesn’t get much time on her own. However, Sam is very organized and head strong and tries very hard to make the Farm a happy home.

She has had to grow up quickly and sometimes her father doesn’t see that. Her wardrobe is way out of date and some of her clothes almost don’t fit her anymore.

When the strangers arrive Sam and her father are taken under the wing of the Heather, who sets about straightening both of their lives out!  Sam’s friendship with Heather is very special and when Heather is badly hurt in an accident Sam saves her life using a very unusual talent.

Von Prime

Heathers family are important in universe 13+1.

Her father is the King of Cornwall’s personal bodyguard. Not surprisingly Heather has grown up in ‘well-to-do’ surroundings and they live in large house just outside St.Mabyn.

Heather is strong willed, controversial, outspoken and sometimes completely outrageous in character. Her appearance is extremely unusual even for her universe. Her ears are very long and have long green hair growing from them. Her left hand is covered by an oversized black glove, complete with built in lasers. She has artificial purple hair and an external ‘spinal column’ complete with computer controlled hair-blades, which float out behind her head.

Heather is the boss of Kimmi and Willow, and she sees Sam as the leader of Rose and Mandy. So she quickly befriends Sam. However, with Sam she meets her match and privately she reveals her softer side.

It was Heathers idea to come to our world and search for the Book of Absolute Grace.

Heather Xan-Quo